Resolving Complaints

If you have a complaint of any kind, we are committed to addressing it effectively and quickly. To help you get your complaint resolved, we encourage you to follow the process outlined here.

Step 1: Contact the Bank’s Sales Representative or Client Relationship Specialist

If you have been dealing with one of our sales or service representatives, it is best to contact them directly. Most often your concern can be resolved satisfactorily by talking to the employee that you have already had contact with.

Telephone: 1-800-563-2447
Fax: 416-925-9938

Client Relations
HomEquity Bank
1881 Yonge Street, Suite 300
Toronto, ON M4S 3C4

Include the following in your correspondence:

  • Your name and contact Information
  • Nature of your complaint
  • Nature of the representatives involved

Once we receive your complaint, we will do our best to resolve the issue quickly, typically within 7 business days. If it takes longer, we will contact you and follow up accordingly.

Step 2: Contact the Employee’s Manager

If you are not satisfied with the solution offered in Step 1, ask to speak with the employee’s Manager.

Step 3: Contact the Complaints Officer or Chief Privacy Officer

If you are still not satisfied after speaking with the employee’s Manager you can contact the Complaints Officer at 1-877-905-2447 or
If your complaint relates specifically to a privacy matter, you can contact the Chief Privacy Officer at 1-866-313-2447 or

External Agencies

At any time, you may consider contacting an external agency that monitors Canada’s financial industry for assistance with your complaint.

Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments

You can contact the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (OBSI), an independent dispute resolution service for consumers with a financial services complaint. More information about OBSI can be found at You may contact the Ombudsman at:

Telephone: 1-888-451-4519
Fax: 1-888-422-2865

Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments
401 Bay Street, Suite 1505
P.O. Box 5
Toronto, ON M5H 2Y4

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) supervises federally regulated financial institutions to make sure they comply with federal consumer protection laws. FCAC also helps educate consumers, and monitors industry codes of conduct and public commitments designed to protect the interests of consumers. More information on FCAC may be found at

FCAC will determine if the financial institution is in compliance. However, it will not resolve individual consumer complaints. You may contact FCAC at:

Telephone: 1-866-461-3222

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada
427 Laurier Avenue West, 6th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario K1R 1B9

The Privacy Commissioner of Canada

The mandate of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) includes overseeing compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), Canada’s private sector privacy law. More information about OPC may be found at You may contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner at:

Telephone: 1-800-282-1376
Fax: 819-994-5424

Privacy Commissioner of Canada
30 Victoria Street
Gatineau, Quebec
K1A 1H3

The Complaints Officer’s Message

HomEquity Bank is committed to providing excellent customer service to our clients.  Our dedicated employees work hard to address concerns brought to our attention and ensure that a satisfactory resolution or reasonable explanation is reached before escalating a complaint to the Complaints Officer.

When a mutually acceptable resolution cannot be achieved, the Complaints Officer provides an impartial avenue of appeal for clients with unresolved complaints*. The Complaints Officer is independent and is charged with reviewing customer complaints that remain unresolved after the completion of the first two steps of HomEquity Bank’s Complaint Handling Procedure.

The Complaint Officer is not an advocate of any party and is committed to providing an impartial and unbiased review of the complaint to ensure that a fair and reasonable resolution is reached by the Bank and its clients.  The Complaint Officer, may also make recommendations, where appropriate, to improve HomEquity Bank’s operations and services to enhance client experiences.

The Year in Review

2015 2016
The number of complaints handled by the Complaints Officer 6 5
The average number of days taken to deal with the complaints 26 18
The number of complaints that, in the opinion of the Complaints Officer,
were resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant
5 4

*The Complaints Officer does not investigate complaints related to credit decisions, interest rates, service fees and matters that are in litigation.  If a client decides to pursue legal action during the investigation, the Complaints Officer may also cease the investigation.  The Complaint Officer does not offer legal or regulatory opinion or advice.